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Welcome to the Invest In Your Health website!

Being an active partner in your health maximizes your chances of living a long, healthy and productive life. The state's Invest In Your Health program has several options to inform you about the health care system and spend your time and dollars more wisely.

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Invest In Your Health Blog

Getting the hang of healthy eating…sort of

posted by Jeff Mullins on April 1, 2015 Fit by Forty

Hello everyone! It’s my second post where I tell you I fell off of the wagon and went into a food coma. It was glorious! I was so hungry after eating healthy for three weeks, I couldn’t be stopped. I hit the drive-thru for two breakfast biscuits, took down a dozen boneless wings, ranch, fries … Read More »

Refrigerator makeovers: How your fridge can help you lose weight

posted by Jenna McClean, RD refrigerator

The way we arrange the food in our refrigerator can make a HUGE difference in what we consume each day. Have you ever stumbled upon a spoiled cucumber in its original produce bag hidden in your fridge that you completely forgot about? It’s common to reach for the first food item in sight that is … Read More »

Blogger’s confession: I’m not healthy

posted by Jeff Mullins on March 17, 2015 Fit by Forty

My name is Jeff Mullins and I’m the Digital Communications Manager at the State Personnel Department. I’m not a health expert. In fact, I’m not healthy. I’ve tried with little success my whole life to become healthier. I’ve had mixed results to be sure. That’s why I’m going to publicly shame myself into trying to … Read More »

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