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Invest In Your Health News

Upgrade Your Health Your PlanThe qualification period for the new Wellness CDHP upgrade has ended. For those of you that have successfully completed the three steps, congratulations on taking an active role in investing in your health!

In October, SPD is sending information out to let plan holders know if they did or did not complete the steps to qualify for the new Wellness CDHP upgrade. In the meantime, you can follow the steps below to ensure that you have completed each requirement.

Learn more on the UPGRADE page

Welcome to the Invest In Your Health website!

Being an active partner in your health maximizes your chances of living a long, healthy and productive life. The state's Invest In Your Health program has several options to inform you about the health care system and spend your time and dollars more wisely.

What is Invest In Your Health?

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Invest In Your Health Blog

Superfoods to Gobble Up This Thanksgiving!

posted by Jenna McClean, RD on November 19, 2014 cranberries

If you choose your recipes wisely, Thanksgiving does not have to be a heavy, unhealthy meal. In fact, if you prepare your dishes in healthful ways and watch your portions, you could maintain your nutrition goals over the holiday season. There is no reason to skip traditional holiday meals. In fact, many of your favorite … Read More »

What is COPD?

posted by Michael Kane, MD on November 18, 2014 Dr. Kane

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a chronic, progressive respiratory condition in which the lungs’ airways become broken down and narrowed and/or when the air sacs (alveoli) become damaged. The end result is the trapping of air that would otherwise be exhaled. As the lungs become more damaged over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to … Read More »

Halt the Salt: Identifying Hidden Sodium

posted by Jenna McClean, RD on November 13, 2014 Halt the Salt

The average American eats five or more teaspoons of salt per day, which is about 20 times as much as the body needs. Sodium is found naturally in some foods, but a lot of sodium is added during preparation and processing. When we think of salty foods, our minds automatically think about chips, pretzels, crackers … Read More »

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