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ActiveHealth is one of the State of Indiana’s wellness partners. Through ActiveHealth, you can achieve your wellness goals and earn a discount on the 2020 health premiums.


How to earn a healthcare premium discount in 2020

Adult health plan members and covered spouses can earn a healthcare premium discount in 2020 by each doing ONE of the following through ActiveHealth by September 30, 2019:

Remember: In order for ActiveHealth to recognize your physical activity, you must first sync a fitness device with your ActiveHealth account. Only activity that occurs after you have synced your fitness device will tracked and credited.

Note: spouses covered by a state health plan must also complete one of the above in order for the employee to earn the premium discount.

More details about the premium discount level will be shared as plan options for 2020 are developed.

Biometric screenings and health risk assessments

ActiveHealth will also facilitate biometric screenings and health risk assessments. Complete a health risk assessment through ActiveHealth, and you will earn a $50 electronic gift card! Get a biometric screening, and you will receive a $100 electronic gift card.


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