What is Castlight?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could shop for health care, easily comparing prices and quality for doctors and medical services?  Now you can. Castlight helps you find a high-quality doctor for an affordable price before you make an appointment.

The health care system can be complex and confusing, but Castlight makes it easier to use.  Three simple facts will help you get more out of your health care benefits:

  1. It pays to shop around. For medical services you will find a wide range of prices, depending on where you go. Out-of-pocket costs for a standard office visit can range from $80 to $250. For other types of visits, lab tests, and x-rays, the range can be even larger! It really pays to know the prices so you can make smart health care decisions.
  1. Better care doesn’t have to be expensive care.  Studies show that paying more doesn’t necessarily mean getting better care. Prices for health care services are not set based on a doctor’s education or ability.  Instead, a high price usually means that a doctor belongs to a large group or hospital that was able to command a higher price from the insurance company.
  1. You’re in charge.  You have the right to choose the care that is right for you. You should trust your doctor as the expert to guide your medical care, but your doctor may not know how important cost, quality, or convenience are to you.  You have the right to know all of your options and then make the choice that works best for you.

Castlight gives you the information you need to make smart health care decisions for you and your family.  Using Castlight online or over the phone, you can:

Castlight lists prices for doctors and services that have been used by state employees at your company.  Although all medical services may not have prices, the most common ones will, and we’ll be adding new prices every month.  Essentially, the service lets all state employees share the costs of their medical services in a completely anonymous and private way.  In this way, employees can help each other lower medical costs for themselves and the state of Indiana.

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