Active You: Walking to well-being

posted by Brent Brown on January 8, 2020 AY Walking Image

It’s tough to find time to hit the gym, but fear not!

Walking is one of the easiest things you can do to help you feel great all year long, but if walking more feels like a lot more for you to do, try splitting it up. For example, you could try 10 minute walks throughout the week if you want to make the idea a bit more palatable.

Here are some tips to add more steps to your everyday activities:

Keep track of your steps

While you’re enjoying your additional time walking, don’t forget to keep counting those steps!

Using a smartphone, a pedometer, or a step counter can help increase your motivation to keep moving, remind you to walk more, help you set goals, help you check how well you did in a given week, and even push you toward getting at least 10,000 steps in per day.

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You’ll find many items, such as a health assessment, online learning tools, healthy recipes and more.

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Note: The information above was provided by the ActiveHealth Management health and wellness program and is intended to be general in nature. ActiveHealth’s programs, care team, and care managers do not provide diagnostic or direct treatment services. ActiveHealth assists members in getting the care they need, and the program is not a substitute for the medical treatment and/or instructions provided by individual healthcare providers. If you have specific healthcare needs or would like more complete health information, please see your doctor or other healthcare provider.


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