ActiveYou: Heart-healthy tips from ActiveHealth Management

posted by Brent Brown on February 13, 2019 ActiveYou Heart Healthy

February is heart month!

Do you want to keep your heart healthy but don’t know how to start? Keep it easy with these guidelines from ActiveHealth! A stronger, healthier heart is on the way!

Choose a healthy lifestyle

Put your health first. Eat well, exercise often and drink lots of water. Every small change adds up.

Get regular checkups

Your health care provider may run tests to measure your blood pressure and cholesterol. Along with lifestyle changes, they may also recommend medicine to keep it all in check.

Say farewell to unhealthy fats

Avoid foods high in saturated fat and trans fat. We’re looking at you, ice cream and cake! Seek out the healthier, unsaturated fats in avocados and nuts.

If you smoke, quit

Smoking can increase your risk of heart disease. It’s time to quit. Ask your health care provider, friends, and family for help. You’re not alone. You can do this.

Did you know? Walking is a great way to keep your heart healthy!

Physical activity, like walking, increases your:

This can bring more oxygen and nutrients to your organs.

Exercise also:

Stay motivated by walking with family, friends or coworkers. Be sure to check with your health care provider before you begin any new exercise routine.

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