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posted by Brent Brown on June 14, 2019 AH live in the moment

ActiveHealth Management’s tips for well-being for June 2019 are centered on learning to “live in the moment.”

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How can I learn to live in the moment?
Life can get very busy.

With so much going on, how can we slow down and learn to live in the moment? Anyone can learn to live in the moment. Practicing mindfulness can help you to be fully present and raise your awareness of the of the world around you. Mindfulness can also help you not to get lost in the past or worries about the future.
Here are a few ways you can begin.

• Focus on scanning your entire body starting with your feet and ending at your head. Notice places where you’re tense or have pain. Take notice of your breathing.
• Are you having thoughts or distractions? It’s normal for your mind to wander. Simply note the thoughts without dwelling on them. Turn your attention back to the present.
• Try yoga, breathing exercises and stretches to strengthen and relax muscles.
• Practice mindful eating. At each meal, notice textures, colors and flavors in each bite.
• When you go outside, take a few deep breaths. Notice any sights, sounds and smells.

Need some more tips? Check out this checklist for mindfulness that will help you focus on the present.

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Note: This information provided by ActiveHealth Management’s health and wellness programs is general in nature. It is not meant to replace the advice or care you get from your doctor or other healthcare professional. If you have specific healthcare needs or would like more complete health information, please see your doctor or other healthcare provider.



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