Go ‘Freestyle’ toward your best you with Indy Weight Watchers meetings!

posted by Brent Brown on November 7, 2018 Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers recently rebranded to “WW,” but the numerous health benefits of the continually popular weight loss program remain the same – and perhaps even better!

State of Indiana employees can take advantage of a WW program that, according to weighwatchers.com, is helping participants see “great weight loss and impressive changes on and off the scale.”

At its core, the new “WW Freestyle” gets results by encouraging healthier eating habits. Program members will be urged to eat more veggies and fruits while dropping unhealthy fats and sugars. It’s called the “SmartPoints” system, and it tabulates various foods and drinks into numbers based on the item’s saturated fat content, protein, calories and more. A SmartPoints “budget” is set each day, allowing users to choose foods that meet the desired threshold. Best of all, there are more than 200 foods that have no point values at all! Learn more about SmartPoints here.

Indiana Government Center – South hosted its latest WW workshop Thursday, Nov. 8. As long as at least 12 employees attend future events, the program can continue at the same time each week.

Attendees learned about the new “Freestyle” program, which WW says has led to a 10 percent greater weight loss for members than the previous program.

You can enroll today! Just input the employer passcode (WW38832) for the Indiana Department of Administration, then follow the instructions to enroll. You will need to select the Digital + Workshops option, which costs $44.95 per month.

Perhaps best of all, the limited-time offer for a free “Best Self Box” has been extended. You can still receive the box (a $40 value) by signing up by Nov. 21.

WW Freestyle offers the freedom to eat what you love while working on health goals that suit you!

Don’t miss the introductory session, and take the next step toward a better, healthier you!

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