#HAWM2019: Take Action

posted by Amber Brady on August 1, 2019

The State of Indiana Employee’s Health and Wellness Month offered plenty of fun ways to take your personal wellbeing to the next level.

Throughout the month, we’ve discussed how to improve nutrition, the importance of preventive care, working on moving more, and taking care of our mental health. Each week we’ve provided a list of helpful resources for each topic. Now, it’s time to take everything we’ve discussed and commit to taking action to improve your wellbeing!

Tips on Taking Action Today

Start small: break your goal down into smaller steps and build up to where you want to be.

Share your goal: tell others about your new healthy routines and why they are important to you. Friends, family and coworkers can be some of your biggest cheerleaders when it comes to maintaining healthy habits.

Track your progress: use a calendar or an app to track how you’re doing each day.

Reward yourself: both small and large accomplishments should be celebrated. Do something you enjoy to celebrate your accomplishments.

Stick with it!

Remember your reasons for making this change! Write it down and read it when you need motivation to continue your new routine.

Know the temptations you need to watch out for to avoid falling back into old routines. Think about events, people, or places that have derailed your healthy changes in the past and make a plan to prevent it from happening again.

If you do slip back into old routines, don’t stress about it and get back on track. Learn from the experience and know that it is a normal part of creating a new habit.

Action Plans

We’ve put together a few sample action plans to help you get started. Click the links below to view the sample plans.

NutritionPreventive CareMove MoreMental Health



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