I registered, trained, and finished the Honolulu 2022 Marathon!

posted by Amber Brady on January 17, 2023 Molly McGuire photo

Story submitted by Molly McGuire, Family and Social Services Administration.

Early in 2022, Melissa, my best friend from high school (Class of 1997) and fellow high school track teammate talked me into registering for the Honolulu 2022 Marathon, which takes place in December before Christmas.

Since she lives out-of-state, we usually fly to meet up with each other a few times a year for a half marathon here or there, but never a full marathon. We’ve been to Las Vegas, Washington DC, New Orleans, Virginia Beach and a handful of other places for races.

Well, long story short, I registered and trained using an app called Run With Hal. I’m not the fastest runner and I prefer intervals of running and walking, so I didn’t have a goal for my finishing time. My goal was just to finish, and I did it!

During my training I kept telling everyone that once I achieved my marathon goal, I’d never train for another marathon again—ever! But now that it’s over and done with, and now knowing that my time wasn’t far off the New York City Marathon cutoff, I know with bit more training I can make the necessary time to finish NYC.

So, my plan now is to enter the 2023 lottery for NYC in hopes of getting a bib. Melissa completed the virtual NYC Marathon last year (she tried to talk me into the virtual race, which if you finished guaranteed you an entry in the in-person 2023 race, but I didn’t register for it), so she already has bib. But either way, I’ll most likely be in NYC for the 2023 marathon, either as a participant or a spectator cheering for her.

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