June is Men’s Health Month

posted by Brent Brown on May 29, 2020 Men's Health blog image

Studies show men are less likely to seek medical care for a number of reasons. Some avoid care because they feel fine. Others are nervous about an exam or what it might reveal. Some men even see medical care as a sign of weakness. But staying healthy is a sign of strength. It’s important to keep your whole health in check.

Be sure to get your yearly preventive exam and any screenings your doctor may recommend. Screenings can help find health problems early, when they’re easiest to treat. And, early treatment can help you save money on future health care costs. More importantly, it can also help save your life.

Think about your total well-being. Here are some focus areas for men courtesy of ActiveHealth Management:

Take care of your heart

Even if you don’t have symptoms, men are at greater risk for heart disease.1 Make sure to get your blood pressure checked. Stay active and keep a healthy weight. And if you smoke — quit. Check with your doctor for help getting started.

Get screened

Getting checked for colorectal cancer becomes more important as you grow older. Recommended screenings begin at age 45.

Seek friendships

Friends are often tied to common interests like a hobby, sports, raising children, or jobs. That means they can change over time, making them harder to keep. Make time for others. Friendships can have a positive impact on your health.

Be fiscally fit

Plan for your future and invest each month in a retirement savings plan. Even a small amount adds up over time. Pay down debt and have an emergency fund set aside.

Recognize your feelings

Depression affects both men and women. But men are less likely to talk about their feelings or get treatment. Know the signs and talk to your doctor with concerns.

Stay involved

Find your passion. Join a club, learn a new skill, go back to school, volunteer or find other ways to be part of your community. Having interests helps you build meaning in your life.

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