Walking for your heart

posted by Brent Brown on February 17, 2021 Men's Health blog image

You want to stay fit, but you’re not sure how to add more physical activity to your day?

One simple answer may be to start walking.

Like any physical activity, walking is good for your heart. It increases your heart rate, builds heart muscle, and gets the blood flowing through your body. It also lowers blood pressure and helps reduce body fat and cholesterol.

You may want to get a check-up before you start walking. If you have heart problems, your doctor can tell you how much activity is safe for you.

Ready to walk?

1. Start out slowly. Do a warm-up first, then pick up the pace in the middle. Finish with a cool-down at the end.

2. Try walking with friends, coworkers, or pets— and set goals you can reach.

3. Use a pedometer or fitness device or app to keep track of your steps. The first time you use it, count how many steps you normally take in a day. Try to increase this number each day or week.

4. Try to walk at least two and a half hours each week. All it takes is walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

A few other tips to help you get started:

  1. Schedule walks on your business calendar with a coworker.
  2. Try walking to work, school, the grocery store or a restaurant.
  3. Think about walking before or after work or on your lunch break.
  4. Maybe set a goal to take part in a planned fitness walk.
  5. Try to plan family outings around walks together.
  6. Take your dog on a walk. It’s good for them too!

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