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A doctor, a health coach and wellness professionals… all in one place

Offering access to the high-quality care of Indiana University Health, the Health and Wellness Center is focused on prevention and wellness and provides a variety of services, including:

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The Health and Wellness Center serves state employees who participate in designated State of Indiana Employee Health Benefit Plans.

Scheduling same-day appointments

* We look forward to serving you at the Health and Wellness Center. While same-day appointments with one of our doctors are often available, we do require that you schedule your visit ahead of time. If you are interested in a same-day appointment, call 317.963.2035, and one of our team members can let you know if one is available.


We value your time. By requiring scheduled appointments, we’re able to ensure prompt service for all of our patients. Thank you for your cooperation.

The use of the Health and Wellness Center is available to State of Indiana employees and their dependents covered under the State of Indiana Health plan.

Health and Wellness Center Blog

What is cholesterol and why is it important to my heart?

posted by Christy Tunnell, MBA, RD, CD on September 9, 2016 Cholesterol

To egg or not to egg…that is the question???  If you are like most Americans, you are likely confused about whether or not eggs are good for you, and if they are, how many can you eat per week.  Well, the controversy stems from a concern about cholesterol. Many Americans do not understand the role … Read More »

Check out these awesome maps to get steps indoors

posted by Jeff Mullins on May 12, 2016 The Tunnel Tours

Don’t let the rain or heat (or winter cold) stop you from meeting your daily steps goals. If you don’t know where to walk indoors, a group of employees from the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) has you covered. They’ve made mapped out nine different tours using all of the tunnels connected to the Indiana … Read More »

Health and Wellness Center now offering behavioral health services

posted by Christy Tunnell, MBA, RD, CD on May 11, 2016 Monica Staples

Individual Behavioral Health Therapy for state employees and their family members who are covered under the State of Indiana Anthem medical insurance is now available in the onsite clinic. The treatment sessions begin by assessing for various issues, such as : Depression Anxiety/phobias Trauma ADHD/ADD Adjustment issues (grief and loss, other life transitions) Substance abuse and codependency … Read More »

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