Happy Health & Wellness Month!

Health and Wellness Month takes wellbeing to the ‘Next Level’

When it comes to getting healthy, there’s no time like the present.

July is State of Indiana Employee Health and Wellness Month, and offers plenty of fun ways to take your personal wellbeing to the next level.

Run (and hike) the State!

Two events remain in the 2019 Run the State 5K and Hike Series!

Turkey Run State Park is next on the agenda with a hike on Saturday, July 20. This year, we’re offering two hike options. OPTION ONE includes a guided hike that lasts about an hour. OPTION TWO is the five-mile challenge. Participants will receive a map and guide themselves. Explore the perimeter hiking trails in the Falls Canyon-Rocky Hollow Nature Preserve. You’ll traverse 3 canyons, climb a ladder, cross a suspension bridge, and see the park’s first steward’s home. Plan on 2-3 hours. Portions of the hiking challenge may be impassable after large rainfalls. No water or bathrooms are available along the route, which starts at the nature center. Both trails are very rugged; absolutely no strollers are permitted.

There are plenty of reasons to explore the park after you finish the hike. It’s not too late to sign up, so get registered today!

Fort Harrison State Park is the final stop for the 2019 Series, with a 5K on Saturday, August 17.  Registration for this event is now open!

For more information about race day at the Fort Harrison State Park, click here.

Stay connected with #HAWM2019

Is your office doing something unique or special to celebrate wellness in the workplace?

Don’t keep it to yourself! Share photos. Share stories. Share local events!

Post photos on our Facebook and Twitter pages highlighting steps your agency is taking to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Tag us and Tweet to us to your heart’s content! Write on our wall and @ us until your smartphone’s battery runs out! Just remember to use the #HAWM2019.


Step Up Your Game

Are you getting your steps in? The positive health implications of walking are many, and the agency to agency statewide steps challenge in the OurHealth and Limeade Corporate Wellness App (code – stateofin) is filled with incentives to make a daily stroll the best kind of habit.

Each agency goes head-to-head against another in a two-week steps challenge. The team with the highest average steps per person will be declared the winner and advance to the next round. The other agency will move into the Second Chance Bracket for an opportunity to win their way back into the action. There are four rounds in all.

The steps challenge is in full swing and continues through the end of August. To see how your agency is doing, visit www.investinyourhealthindiana.com/ourhealth/steps-challenge.

Deskercise Video Series

Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can have a negative impact on your health? From mild to more serious health concerns including increased blood pressure and higher cholesterol, remaining seated for hours at a time can be harmful to one’s overall wellbeing.

Luckily, there are ways to “get up and get moving” during the workday – and you don’t have to hit the gym or walking trails on your lunch hour to do it!

Invest In Your Health Indiana brings you a series of short “Deskercise” videos during Health and Wellness Month. The easy-to-do stretches and movements are designed to exercise parts of the body that tend to get neglected while you’re seated throughout the workday.

Watch the Deskercise Video Series

Health & Wellness Month