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posted by Amber Brady on July 9, 2021 Person sitting at desk

The health toll from sitting still

More than 8 in 10 Americans have desk jobs.1 Over half of the average person’s day is spent sitting, doing activities such as driving, working at a desk, or watching television. Sitting too long and typing on a computer all day can contribute to discomfort and health issues, including:
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Lower back pain
• Carpal tunnel
• Obesity
• Stress

5 ways to get moving

If you’re sitting all day at work, getting up and moving every 30 minutes can help improve your health.1 Try these tips to move more:

• Standing up while on the phone or eating lunch.
• Using a flexible standing desk so you can change your position.
• Walking laps during quick meetings.
• Getting up from your seat every hour and walking around the office.
• Doing stretching exercises at your desk.

1.Global News, “Sitting all day at work? Get up every 30 minutes to cut your risk of death”, Carmen Chai, September 13, 2017, cut-your-risk-of-death/

Wellness webinar from ActiveHealth

Fit fitness into your workday
Tuesday, July 20, 2021
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