Are you taking advantage of Anthem EAP?

posted by Stephanie Hodgin on March 3, 2017

How much do you know about the Anthem Employee Assistance Program (EAP) program? The Anthem EAP program is a free service for all state employees and those in their household, and can be a beneficial tool to improve your overall well-being. These tools and resources are available 24/7 and are completely confidential.

The goal of the EAP is to help you cope with the challenges happening in your life – whether it’s concerning financial issues, emotional well-being, addiction and recovery, or other life events, the Anthem EAP services are available to you. Don’t feel as though you need to deal with life’s challenges alone – Anthem EAP offers several resources on a multitude of topics that can be beneficial to your mental health.

When you call (800-233-7723), you are paired with a clinical social worker, professional counselor, psychologist, or marriage and family therapist who best fits your needs and concerns. Services include:

Resources are also available online, including parenting and child care, marriage and relationships concerns, health and wellness, finance/legal, adult care, workplace issues, mental health, education, daily life, consumer education, moving and even pet care.

During your first phone call with Anthem EAP, the representative will offer ways to connect with a licensed therapist that’s right for you, including through LiveHealth Online. Employees can use their three free face-to-face counseling sessions (per issue, per year) with LiveHealth Online. With LiveHealth Online, your appointment can take place wherever you are – through a computer, smartphone or tablet. Each visit lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Learn more about Anthem EAP at Log in to the full resources page by using “State of Indiana” in the top left log-in button.

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