Health and Wellness Center now offering behavioral health services

posted by Christy Tunnell, MBA, RD, CD on May 11, 2016 Monica Staples

Individual Behavioral Health Therapy for state employees and their family members who are covered under the State of Indiana Anthem medical insurance is now available in the onsite clinic.

The treatment sessions begin by assessing for various issues, such as :

After the assessment is complete, the therapist and the patient develop goals for the treatment plan.  Various techniques are used such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. These focus onf changing thought patterns and using mindfulness and relaxation techniques, while progressing toward healthier lifestyles.  The therapy sessions also focus on how these issues may contribue to physical and health conditions currently or in the future and how changes can impact wellness. Appropriate referrals are made if necessary.

Monica Staples is the new onsite employee assistance counselor at the HAWC. Read her bio on the Care Team page of the HAWC website.

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