Welcome to Open Enrollment for the 2016 benefit plan year

posted by Denny Darrow Director, Indiana State Personnel Dept. on October 2, 2015

Welcome to Open Enrollment for the 2016 benefit plan year.  This is your annual opportunity to explore the many benefit options the State of Indiana has to offer and make changes to your coverage.  I hope this open enrollment period raises your awareness of the options and tools you have at your disposal to improve your overall health and well-being.  Many have already taken advantage of the wellness portal offered through HumanaVitality. We are so pleased and encouraged by this participation and the engagement in other Invest in Your Health sponsored programs during 2015!  Your enthusiasm and feedback continues to motivate us to deliver a benefit design that helps you meet your personal health goals.

In 2016 our healthcare costs are expected to increase $15 million. A portion of this increase can be attributed to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which adds more than $1 million of costs to our plan. More significantly, new specialty drugs that offer real solutions to some of our members come with much higher costs, approximately $3M for 2016. The state will once again contribute 50 percent of the increase in plan costs, or $7.5 million. Thankfully, the hard work that our employees are putting in to improve their health through the state’s wellness initiative and seeking the most efficient care possible has helped slow the rate at which our costs are increasing.

Open Enrollment 2016This past year we introduced the HumanaVitality, a wellness portal which enables employees to improve their overall wellbeing by understanding their current wellbeing level, setting goals and tracking their progress on those goals.  More than 6,400 employees took advantage of this tool and attained Silver Status in HumanaVitality by August 31, which qualifies them to enroll in the Wellness CDHP.  The Wellness CDHP upgrade offers participants savings over the CDHP 1 and 2 plans and offers higher HSA contributions. Wellness CDHP qualifiers have earned $934 in premium savings and an additional $500 in HSA contributions for those with family coverage.  All Silver Status achievers were notified by letter the week of September 20th about their ability to select the Wellness CDHP Plan.  While the savings in both bi-weekly premiums and additional HSA contributions are meaningful, even more so are the participants’ positive changes in lifestyle and greater awareness of their health risks.

Another valuable Invest in Your Health tool is Castlight. Castlight, our cost and quality transparency portal, enables our members to be better informed consumers. State employees have saved more than $500,000 using Castlight in the  last year and are more aware of their care by having access to current deductible spending incurred during the benefit plan year and medical claims.  Making good consumer choices means better health outcomes and lower costs for you.

As you start considering your enrollment options for 2016, the amount of information can be overwhelming.  To ease understanding, here are three simple steps you can take now to evaluate the best options for you and your family in 2016:

  1. Visit www.in.gov/spd/openenrollment to review your plan options.
  2. Visit www.InvestInYourHealthIndiana.com to see all of the resources the State of Indiana offers you to be proactive in managing your health. This includes a “Checklist as You Go” template to guide you through a successful 2016 Open Enrollment.
  3. Ensure you are getting all the information SPD provides to make your open enrollment successful.  Ensure your personal information is updated in PeopleSoft, sign up your personal email (or your dependents’ email) to receive our employee benefits updates and follow our @INSPDBenefits Twitter feed to obtain the latest and greatest health plan updates.

Open enrollment begins Wednesday, October 28 and ends at noon (EST), Wednesday, November 18, 2015.

First and foremost — stay informed.  Carefully read the open enrollment communication, study the options, discuss the decisions with your spouse if you carry family coverage and take advantage of the resources available to you. The decisions you make during open enrollment impact you and your family for the next year.

The highlights of the 2016 benefits include:

What is next?

Start now, before open enrollment launches, to learn all you can about the options and your needs.

  1. Review your health expenses from this year and begin projecting next year’s expenses. Log onto www.anthem.com and review your up-to-date medical claims. If you have not registered with Anthem online, you must do that before you have access. Participants can also log on to Castlight to view a summary of year-to-date spending.
  2. Log onto Express Script’s website and look at your pharmaceutical claims (www.expressscripts.com). From there, you have a fairly good idea of what your expenses have been and should be able to make an estimate for 2016.
  3. Read and analyze all the information available to you and attend webinars, carrier fairs, and information sessions – in order to become a well-informed healthcare consumer. If you plan to take advantage of the meetings or webinars, make sure you first get your supervisor’s approval. These events are usually allowed on state time.
  4. Ask questions if you don’t understand. Call or email the Benefits Hotline to talk with a benefits specialist.

SPD Benefits Hotline/Contact Information

More detailed information is available on the 2016 open enrollment website: www.in.gov/spd/openenrollment.

Or, contact the Benefits Hotline toll-free at 1-877-248-0007 outside of Indianapolis or 317-232-1167 within the Indianapolis area. Benefit specialists are available from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time
Email: SPDBenefits@spd.in.gov

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  1. Shannon Ambrose says:

    I’m on medical leave and need my people soft identification and password to sign in to complete my benefits. Can you please contact me at 812-608-1098 or by this email to assist me with my benefit information? Thanks Shannon

    1. Melissa says:

      We have sent an email to the address above with our response.

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