Positively healthy – Living with diabetes

posted by Brent Brown on November 10, 2020 Diabetes care

Whether you’re managing or supporting someone who is Type 1 or Type 2, it’s not always easy.

Everyday decisions like what to eat can affect blood sugar and overall health. So how can you stay motivated or help someone stay on track? It starts with a good outlook.

Are you often thinking about what you “should” be doing? These thoughts don’t tend to be helpful. Instead, start working toward having more encouraging thoughts. Rather than “I should eat healthy foods,” you could think, “I get to eat healthy foods.” Over time and with practice, you
can create a mindset that will motivate you.

Whether you have diabetes or you’re caring for someone who does, here are some tips to help you along the way:

Set goals that work for you
There comes a time when you realize you want to make a change — a shift that betters your health or your quality of life. The first step is to find what motivates you. Ask yourself: “Why do I want to make this change?” “In what ways will this change make my life better?”

Start with small steps
For example, if you want to be more active, start with a short-term goal of walking for 10 minutes three times a week and then work up to an hour for each walk.
Caregiver tip: Recognize and celebrate wins when goals are met to help motivate! Use non-food rewards like a movie night or a bike ride.

Remember why it matters
It’s okay to feel discouraged sometimes. Just remember why it matters. Keep a list of what inspires you to stay healthy. Then look at it when your motivation is low.

Take care of you
Pay attention to your health. In addition to your doctor, visit your dentist regularly and have your vision checked. If you’re having a hard time emotionally, seek professional help through a counselor or therapist. Reach out to people who encourage and motivate you. It may include a doctor or other health care professional, family and friends, or an organized
diabetes support group.
Caregiver tip: Be that support system for those in your life.

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