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posted by Sarah Adolf on June 10, 2013 Castlight Mobile

When planning a vacation, you can visit travel sites that allow you to compare the best flights, hotels and rental car options—imagine being able to do that with your healthcare. Launching June 3, state employees enrolled in benefits can search and compare doctors and medical services based on quality, price and location using the free online tool Castlight.

What is it?

Castlight lets employees search specific procedures as well as doctors by name or specialty. Through Castlight, you can see reviews and ratings of doctors, where they attended medical school, how long they’ve been practicing and whether they are in or out of our network. If you already have a doctor, you can utilize Castlight when lab services or other procedures are needed or when a specialist is recommended. Every search, choice and information shared on Castlight remains private and is not shared with your employer.

How does it benefit me?

Castlight provides personalized cost estimates based on your specific health plan. It also allows you to see past medical expenses and lets you know if you have met your annual deductible. Castlight also details your current health plan and the options available to you, personalizing your medical experience without running into unexpected costs.

How do I use it?

Castlight MobileState employees enrolled in benefits can register online beginning June 3. If you are newly enrolled in benefits, it takes Anthem 30 days to process your information with Castlight, but after that period you are able to sign up! Castlight also has free phone apps accessible through the iPhone app store and the Android Market. If a doctor is sending one of your tests to a lab, you can look up labs in your area on your phone, compare prices and tell your doctor where you would like it sent.

Utilizing Castlight gives employees more control over their healthcare experience and is an essential component of Governor Pence’s Good to Great plan. Sign up today to begin checking medical services in your area!

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