Healthy Lifestyles

When you sign up for Healthy Lifestyles and take your private Well-Being Assessment, you’ll get instant access to wellness resources, including a personalized well-being plan. With your plan, you can focus on any three of the following areas: exercise, weight management, nutrition, quitting tobacco, stress management and more.

Your well-being plan is designed to keep you motivated as you make progress toward your goals. As you complete steps in your well-being plan, you earn points that can be redeemed for prizes in the online Rewards Center.

Take your Well-Being Assessment today, and start moving forward

If you haven’t taken your Well-Being Assessment yet, then you still have time – and three good reasons why you should. Taking your Well-Being Assessment gives you:freeimage-8300229-web

  1. An overview of your health so that you know where you stand today and how you compare to other people your age.
  2. Results you can use to help make a personalized well-being plan. This plan allows you to record your goals and track your progress on the Healthy Lifestyles website.
  3. Access to tools and resources that can help you reach your health goals. Use them to target three focus areas of your choice: nutrition, weight management, exercise, quitting tobacco, stress management or medication management. You can even share your progress with others on social networks like Facebook.

It’s not too late to start – so why not let your healthy future begin today? Sign up for Healthy Lifestyles and take your Well-Being Assessment now at

Healthy Lifestyles is available only to Anthem State of Indiana members and their adult dependents.