Employees and family members can recieve discounted hearing aid devices

Hearing AidThe State of Indiana has established a process where State employees and their immediate family members can obtain hearing aids at a reduced rate from our five manufacturers which are GNResound, Phonak, Oticon, Siemens, & Starkey. The manufacturer will send the identified aids for dispensing and the employee pays the dispenser the agreed dispensing fee. Once the state has verified employment and placed the order we are no longer involved with the transaction. It is between the employee and the dispenser. For any questions or comments please contact Rhonda Marcum at Rhonda.Marcum@fssa.in.gov.

How to obtain discounted hearing aid devices:

1. The employee must obtain all diagnostics & hearing aid recommendations on their own.

2. Once the employee has the diagnostics and hearing aid recommendation:

a.    Scan or FAX documentation to Rhonda Marcum at Rhonda.Marcum@fssa.in.gov or 317-232-6478.
b.    E-mail Rhonda from the state employee’s work e-mail address. Information must contain employee’s name/position, relationship to employee/additional name, which hearing aids with what features are requested, your payment method (Health Savings Account, Cash, Credit Card, or Check), and your dispensing vendor (name, address, and telephone number).

i.    The state employee must negotiate with their local dispenser for a mutually agreed upon dispensing fee. These fees vary depending on the dispenser, and cover cost of programming the aids, ear molds, and training on the use of the aids, etc. You may provide the upper portion of this form to your preferred dispenser.

3. Rhonda contacts the manufacturer to start the process providing them with the basic information including eligibility for discounted hearing aids, and the specific aids requested.

a.    The manufacturer provides Rhonda with the discounted price for that specific equipment.
b.    Rhonda forwards information to employee, who confirms they want to obtain the equipment.
c.    Rhonda responds to the manufacturer email and adds the employee to the e-mail
d.    Employee and manufacturer correspond with each other. Rhonda is no longer involved.

4. The state employee is then responsible for all costs associated with these aids and the agreed dispensing fee.

5. Manufacturer mails aids to the preferred dispenser.

6. Employee goes to dispenser to receive the aids and pays the negotiated dispensing fee. In some situations you may also pay the dispenser for the discounted hearing aid, and in other cases you pay directly to the dispenser.

This benefit is available to state employees and their dependents, as defined by the IRS.