Welcome to Open Enrollment for the 2016 benefit plan year

Open Enrollment for 2016 Benefits is closed.

We’ll leave the information up here through the rest of 2015 and then transfer it to the 2016 Benefits website at www.in.gov/spd/2337.htm.  Thanks for another successful open enrollment!

This is your annual opportunity to explore the many benefit options the State of Indiana has to offer and make changes to your coverage. I hope this open enrollment period raises your awareness of the options and tools you have at your disposal to improve your overall health and well-being. Many have already taken advantage of the wellness portal offered through HumanaVitality. We are so pleased and encouraged by this participation and the engagement in other Invest in Your Health sponsored programs during 2015! Your enthusiasm and feedback continues to motivate us to deliver a benefit design that helps you meet your personal health goals.

In 2016 our healthcare costs are expected to increase $15 million. A portion of this increase can be attributed to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which adds more than $1 million of costs to our plan. More significantly, new specialty drugs that offer real solutions to some of our members come with much higher costs, approximately $3M for 2016. The state will once again contribute 50 percent of the increase in plan costs, or $7.5 million. Thankfully, the hard work that our employees are putting in to improve their health through the state’s wellness initiative and seeking the most efficient care possible has helped slow the rate at which our costs are increasing.  (Read the full letter from SPD Director Denny Darrow on the Invest In Your Health Blog).

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If you have a state email address, you should already be receiving emails from the State Personnel Department on your work email address. If you’re not receiving these emails from our Benefits list, then sign your email up to the State Employee Benefits Updates list below. We’ve also created a list for dependents and employees without state email. You can also email spdcommunications@spd.in.gov to have your state email address added to the Benefits/Open Enrollment list if it’s not already. Both lists are going to be used to send to when SPD sends something out about Open Enrollment, HumanaVitality, the next qualification period for the Wellness CDHP and any other Invest In Your Health wellness program initiatives.

Make sure you’re receiving all of the information to make your selections this fall for 2016.

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For the latest updates to your benefits information for 2015, visit the SPD Benefits page at in.gov/spd/benefits.

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