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Step Up Your Game challenge heads for Round 4

The final round of the Step Up Your Game Challenge is almost here!

Round 4 takes place from Aug. 15 to Aug. 28 in a leaderboard challenge. All-important bragging rights are on the line! Which agency will step up its game and come out on top?

Only 15 agencies are still stepping! The agency averaging the most steps counted per person during the competition period will be crowned the overall “Top Stepping Agency!”

Step Up Your Game Steps Challenge
Click the link below to find out which agency you will face in the next round!

Round 1: May 15 to May 28
Round 2: June 15 to June 28
Round 3: July 15 to July 28
Round 4: August 15 to August 28


  1. The steps challenge is open to state of Indiana employees only.
  2. Participants MUST use a fitness tracker or step-tracking app. No self-reported steps will count.

How to Participate

  1. Log in to the OurHealth and Limeade Corporate Wellness App (code – stateofin).
  2. Find the Step Up Your Game challenge tile and click “Get Started.”
  3. Make sure to connect a fitness device or app to your account!
  4. You will have to repeat steps one and two for each round in which you wish to participate.

Other Information
Download the Step Up Your Game Round 4 Flyer