Paddle Battle

The Generals win again!

2013 Paddle Battle WinnersCongrats to the Office of the Indiana Attorney General for winning last week’s State Employee Paddle Battle. The team of employees work at Indiana Unclaimed in Greenwood and include Doug Billups, Kim Conduit, Dusty Montgomery and Kelley Duschane. It’s the second paddle battle victory for The Generals, winners of the 2009 Paddle Battle.

The Governor’s Office finished second, while the Indiana State Dept. of Health came in fourth, unable to win the race for the fourth consecutive year.

2013 Paddle Battle Final Results

  1. Office of the Attorney General – The Generals
  2. Office of the Governor – Hoosier Schooner
  3. Indiana Dept. of Administration – IDOAwesome!
  4. Indiana State Dept. of Health – On A Boat
  5. Horse Racing Commission – Water Jockeys

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Race Rules

The boats

Wheel Fun Rentals will provide the four-seater boats with pedals on the front two seats, so the back seat contestants are along for the ride. All boats must have four riders.

Racing teams meet at the boat launch at Ohio/West Streets on the canal at 11:15 a.m. Your team must have four individuals in the boat to race. We don’t have many rules other than no intentional contact between boats. No blocking or use of hands to push another boat.


25 teams will race a quarter-mile course in five heats of five boats in a single elimination battle. The winners of the five preliminary races will advance to the championship race, held 10 minutes after the last heat.

coursemap (174K)

The race begins just west of the West Street bridge, in front of the artwork that sits in the canal. Boats race down the canal toward IGCN and circle the fountain on the right. Once you navigate a 180-degree turn around the fountain, it’s a dash for
the finish line.

Use of oars

Wheel Fun Rentals can’t guarantee they will have five oars on hand the day of the race. If you want to use oars, please bring your own. Teams can choose to use one large oar or two small ones. We ask that there be no contact with the other boats with your oar or your hands, especially at the start of the race. Also don’t lose oars in the canal.

Other information

If the race is postponed by rain/severe weather, we will notify you on the morning of the race and announce a makeup date.

Past Champions

2012 – Indiana State Dept. of Health

2011 – Indiana State Dept. of Health

2010 – Indiana State Dept. of Health

2009 – Office of the Indiana Attorney General

2008 – Indiana State Library

2007 – PERF

2006 – Indiana Office of Technology

2005 – Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security