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Employee Benefits and Invest In Your Health

If you are enrolled in a medical plan offered through the Indiana State Personnel Department (INSPD), view all of the information about your benefit plans at The website contains plan rates, summaries and certificates and other resources related to your medical, prescription, dental, vision and life insurance coverage. Also the site has information about health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and more.

Contact the INSPD Benefits Hotline 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

By phone 
Monday through Friday, EST (317) 232-1167 within Indianapolis area
1-877-248-0007 toll-free outside Indianapolis

By email:


Invest In Your Health promotional copy

Being an active partner in your health maximizes your chances of living a long, healthy and productive life. The state’s Invest In Your Health program has several options to inform you about the health care system and spend your time and dollars more wisely.

Anytime you see the Invest In Your Health logo you should know that it is a program or tool organized by the Indiana State Personnel Department (INSPD). You can trust that each program listed under Invest In Your Health is one that has been thoroughly vetted by INSPD and can help you navigate your way through health issues.

Please place the Invest In Your Health logo on your internal agency website/intranet along with a link to  If you have space please use the promotional copy and any of the links below.

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Statewide and IGC Campus

IGC Campus (Indianapolis area) 


How can you earn a health premium discount in 2021?

Employees and spouses enrolled in coverage must fully complete one of the following three activity options:

You chosen activity must be completed by Sept. 30, 2020 to qualify for the 2021 health premium discount. Track your progress toward completing an activity in your Rewards Center on the ActiveHealth portal,\stateofindiana.

Check out the ActiveHealth FAQs for answers to common questions.

Biometric Screenings and Health Assessments

ActiveHealth facilitates biometric screenings and health assessments. Complete a health assessment through ActiveHealth, and you will earn a $50 electronic gift card! Get a biometric screening, and you will receive a $100 electronic gift card.

Monthly Wellness Webinars

ActiveHealth is offering monthly webinars covering a range of wellness topics. Webinars are 45 minutes long, and you can choose from three start times, 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m., or 4:30 p.m. (ET). Don’t miss out, registration is required. View the full list of upcoming webinars and sign up today!


Health Care Tools

OurHealth Government Center Clinic

The Government Center clinic is a specialized on-site clinic available to address your preventive, acute and chronic health care needs. It’s conveniently located in the Government Center south building and the visit fee for non-preventive visits is only $49. The visit fee will count toward your deductible and out of pocket maximum and health savings account dollars can be used to cover the cost of the visit.

Visit for more information and resources.

OurHealth Wellness Challenges

OurHealth Wellness Challenges offer fun and engaging wellness activities. Employees and spouses earn entries into the monthly prize drawing for each wellness challenge they complete, up to 5 per month. 100 prizes will be given away each month in addition to 10 grand prizes at the end of the year.

Visit for more information and resources.

OurHealth Portal

The OurHealth portal will be your gateway to the Wellness Challenge program, ActiveHealth’s website, and the Government Center Clinic by OurHealth. Get started today!


If you are enrolled in a medical plan offered through the State Personnel Department, activate your online Anthem account at

Anthem EAP

EAP has convenient and confidential resources to help keep you and your loved ones healthy and happy. The program helps you cope with the challenges happening in your life; whether it is concerning parenting advice, stress management, elder care information, home buying and selling advice, ID monitoring and other life events. You have 8 free face-to-face EAP counseling visits with a licensed therapist available per issue, per year.

Visit for more information and resources.


Digital self-care resources and tools to help you learn to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, or substance abuse. MyStrength is a free tool provided by Anthem. Find out more about myStrength on Anthem’s EAP website,


Omada® is a free digital lifestyle program that inspires healthy habits you can live with long term. It combines the science of behavior change with unwavering personal support, so you can make changes that actually stick. It’s an approach shown to reduce risk factors for type 2 diabetes. This program includes interacting with a health coach and weekly online lessons.

Visit for more information.

LiveHealth Online

For those health plan members not located near the Government Center, LiveHealth Online is an alternate option for your medical needs. Sign up for free at or download the mobile app to your phone.



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