Carry-over points from 2016: Here are the facts

posted by Josh Marsh on January 24, 2017

Did you see more than 10 percent of your Vitality Points carry over from 2016 into Go365? Here’s why. You completed a Vitality Check in 2016, and had a healthy number for your blood pressure, total cholesterol and/or fasting glucose. Consider these a congratulations from Go365 and a healthy-head start to 2017!

Points only carry over if you met the healthy guidelines in 2016. Please note, these carry-over points do not pertain to BMI. Go365 points for BMI must be earned on an annual basis. Also, if you completed a nicotine test in 2016 and had a “no tobacco use” result, you also see those points carry over.

For example, John completed a biometric screening in 2016 and had a healthy fasting glucose and a healthy BMI. However, he missed the cutoffs for blood pressure and total cholesterol. John will see 400 points carry over in the Prevention category, as well as 400 points carry over for the Healthy Living category for his fasting glucose.

To see your carry-over points:

9 thoughts on “Carry-over points from 2016: Here are the facts”

  1. Angela Hauck says:

    So my dashboard says that I have silver status. Will you confirm that I have to do nothing else to qualify for the health insurance incentive as of August 2017?

    1. Josh Marsh says:

      Angela, The requirements for the Wellness CDHP2018 is to earn a Status of Silver inside the Go365 program. The dashboard is the indicator of this, but I encourage you to view this chart to confirm that you have earned enough points to qualify for Silver Status. Here is the link:

      While it is true that you don’t have to do anything else upon earning Silver Status, I would encourage you to continue to participate and improve your health and wellness all year.

  2. Naveed Burki says:

    I had a dentist appointment and general check up appointment in December, 2016. Can I submit that now for getting the points for this term of 2017 insurance.

    Thank you

    1. Josh Marsh says:

      You have 90 days from the time of the service/appointment to submit your documentation. If you are within that 90-day window, you may submit the event but you will not see it appear as the program back dates to the day of the appointment. You can not see your point earnings in 2016 any longer. Also, you will only receive 10% of your points towards the Wellness CDHP 2018, as that is the standard carryover between program years.

  3. Nancy says:

    Where do I get the form for my doctor & dentist to fill out for my check ups and where do I send it once it is completed?

    1. Josh Marsh says:

      You can find the form to take under “Quick Links” at the top of the Go365 dashboard. Though the better option is to have the dentist office give you an explanation of benefits (your receipt) then take a picture of that and upload it to Go365 via the mobile app. You can see how to do that on the Need Help page, under Upgrade 2018 on the Invest In Your Health’s website.

  4. Crystal Niccum says:

    I completed a vitality check in 2016 and I see my points carried over from 2016 to 2017. Do I need to complete a vitality check for 2017 or have I already earned as many points as I can for fasting glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol points since those points carried over for 2017?

    1. Josh Marsh says:

      You are correct that you will see your healthy numbers carry over. Though you can earn 2,000 base points for attending a biometric screening again in 2017. You will not receive points again for your healthy numbers, but if you do a biometric screening in 2017 and have healthy number you will be awarded points in January 2018 again. If you do not do a biometric screening in 2017, you will not get the 2,000 points for attending nor be awarded the healthy numbers in January.

      1. Francine P. says:

        What exactly is the benefit of rollover points, if the number of points toward silver status that I can earn for healthy test results this year is exactly reduced by the number of points I earned last year? I get that this year’s points will count toward next year instead, but that just recycles the question: what’s the actual benefit to members over just… getting the points you earn in the year you earn them?

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