July steps challenge is back…JOIN BY JUNE 30!

posted by Josh Marsh on May 31, 2017

Next month is Health and Wellness Month, and we’re celebrating by bringing back our July steps challenge! This year, the Bicentennial Billion Steps Challenge becomes the To Silver and Beyond Steps Challenge, because we hope the points you earn in the month of July will take you to an Earned Status of Silver in Go365…and beyond!

As you may recall, last year, we surpassed our one billion step goal with 1,160,401,021 total steps, and had 5,197 state employees and their dependents participate. This year, our participant goal remains the same – more than 5,000 – but we want to beat our step goal from last year. Let’s aim for 1.2 billion steps!

Signing up for the To Silver and Beyond Steps Challenge is simple. Just log on to your Go365 account and join the To Silver and Beyond Challenge. (You can find the challenges page from the Quick Links button at the top of the page, or by scrolling down on your Dashboard). From there, you can join an existing team within the challenge, or create your own team. NOTE: The deadline to join the To Silver and Beyond Steps Challenge is June 30, 2017, and the challenge will run from July 1 to July 31. If you are not tracking steps through Go365 yet, be sure to sync a fitness device or app to Go365. A variety of different devices (pedometers, fitness trackers, and smartphone apps) can help you track your progress and see results in real time. A list of Go365-compatible devices can be found here.
Here’s how you can earn points and bucks in Go365 by walking your way to Silver Status and Beyond:

You can also earn bonus points at the end of the challenge. Individuals who walk 232,500 total steps in the month of July (an average of 7,500 steps per day) will receive an additional 245 Go365 points. Individuals who walk 310,000 total steps in the month of July (an average of 10,000 steps per day) will receive an additional 350 Go365 points.*

The top three individuals with the most steps in July will also receive bonus bucks – 1,000 bucks for first place, 750 bucks for second place, and 500 bucks for third place. All members of the team with the highest average steps in July will be awarded 1,000 bucks as well. There must be at least five members of the winning team to qualify for the team prize.**

Check back on the Invest In Your Health blog regularly – we’ll post updates on our progress, as well as on our social media accounts (Invest In Your Health Indiana on Facebook and @INSPDBenefits on Twitter).

* The maximum number of points an individual can earn annually from an employer-sponsored event (ESE) is 700 points. These bonus points will count toward the annual 700-point ESE cap. Other ESE point opportunities are the Elements Lunch & Learns/online courses and the health coaching services offered by the Health and Wellness Center.

** The maximum number of bucks an individual can earn annually is 30,000 bucks. All bucks earned in the To Silver and Beyond Steps Challenge count toward this maximum.


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    I have tried to log into go 365 several times today. It will not accept my password and I have changed it three times. Each time I change, I try to log in and get a message saying my user name and password do not match the account. I got signed in on my mobile device, but cannot find the challenge on my mobile device. I would really like to get signed up for this challenge. Please help.

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    Of course, as soon as I typed this comment my login worked.

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