New year, new you with new wellness resources for 2019

posted by Brent Brown on January 3, 2019

Get started on your 2019 wellness goals and earning a discount on 2020 health premiums by taking advantage of the numerous resources offered through ActiveHealth, a new state wellness partner.

Personalized health coaching and more are available to all adult health plan members and covered spouses RIGHT NOW! ActiveHealth helps encourage and enable healthy lifestyles by providing digital, telephonic and onsite health coaching.

Three dedicated health coaches will travel throughout the state to work with employees and agency-based Wellness Champions at their work locations. ActiveHealth will also facilitate biometric screenings and health risk assessments.

It pays – literally – to complete those screenings.

Complete a health risk assessment through ActiveHealth (it only takes about 10 minutes), and you will earn a $50 electronic gift card! Getting a biometric screening in 2019 will get you a $100 electronic gift card. There you have it: two very important health screenings completed, and a cool $150 to put toward a purchase of something you like! E-gift cards can be redeemed beginning Feb. 1.

Beyond that, you and your spouse can earn a healthcare premium discount in 2020 by each doing JUST ONE of the following through ActiveHealth by September 30, 2019:

Only physical activity that occurs after you have synced your fitness device with ActiveHealth will be tracked and credited.









Remember: In order for ActiveHealth to recognize your steps/physical activity, you must sync a fitness device with your ActiveHealth account. Only activity/steps that occur after you have synced the device are tracked and credited.

Note: spouses covered by a state health plan must also complete one of the above in order for the employee to earn the premium discount.

More details about the premium discount level will be shared as plan options for 2020 are developed.

A wealth of resources are available to all portal users, and you can learn much more about many of the program’s great benefits by attending an ActiveHealth webinar! Click here to register for an upcoming webinar where you can ask questions and interact live with ActiveHealth experts. You can learn how the program can support your own personal well-being, discover ways the onsite health coach can support you and your work place, enter to win a weekly prize drawing and much more.

The webinars run from noon to 12:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday throughout January.

Wellness at work

February will bring the grand opening of a new onsite clinic!

The Government Center Clinic by OurHealth opens Feb. 1, and with this convenient clinic option, you can save time – and paid time off – by visiting the facility for your immediate care needs. Wait times are typically only about five minutes, and primary care visits average between 20 and 40 minutes.

Feel like you’re coming down with something? Don’t wait! Visit the clinic to get the care you need! You’ll save time off and do your colleagues a favor by helping keep them germ free!

You can also use your phone to see a licensed healthcare provider 24/7!

With LiveHealth Online, you can see a board-certified doctor for $49 or less via video by using your smartphone, tablet or webcam-equipped computer. Sign up for free or download the mobile app from your device’s app store.

Help with medical problems, allergies and even mental health concerns is available through LiveHealth Online. Prescriptions may also be sent to your pharmacy of choice, if needed.

A wealth of healthcare options

OurHealth logoWellness should be fun, and with that in mind the new OurHealth portal and Limeade Corporate Wellness App bring campaigns and challenges that are certain to enhance your health journey.

Beginning Feb. 1, ALL state employees and their spouses will be eligible to participate in wellness campaigns and challenges through OurHealth and Limeade Corporate Wellness App! A wide variety of fun activities awaits, and completing them gives you a chance each month to win prizes such as workout equipment or health food-friendly kitchen appliances! The more activities you join, the more chances you have to win monthly prizes, and the more entries you’ll have for the 10 grand prizes awarded at the end of the year.

Find your strength

Another resource available to all State of Indiana employees is Anthem’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The EAP is a confidential information, support and referral service that offers a variety of tools and resources to boost productivity and help people meet life’s challenges.  You can get help with emotional concerns, financial issues, legal concerns, child and adult care and much more!

You can now receive up to eight free sessions with a professional, per issue, per year. Better yet, you can also use LiveHealth Online to utilize the enhanced visits. Each lasts about 45 minutes, and you can even choose the therapist you would like to see.

Another valuable EAP resource is a new program called “mystrength.”

Think of it as a sort of “health club for your mind” that provides personalized and proven online and mobile resources to promote ongoing emotional wellbeing. After all, good mental health is vitally important to overall health.

Go to to learn more and sign up.

An “all-year’s” resolution

Is a gym membership part of your wellness goals in 2019?

Hoping to save money at the same time?

You’re in luck!

Click here to see a list of all current discount offers at gyms and health clubs throughout the state. In addition, employees who participate in a state health plan can enjoy great gym discounts through Anthem. Find details at

Please direct any and all questions to the SPD Benefits hotline at 317-232-1167 (in Indianapolis) or 1-877-248-0007 (outside Indy), or ActiveHealth at 855-202-4219.

For Active Health mobile tech support, call 1-888-588-8741. Issues with the ActiveHealth app should be directed to this number.

11 thoughts on “New year, new you with new wellness resources for 2019”

  1. Jennifer A McKinzie says:

    How do we get our login information to start?

  2. Cynthia Grant says:

    How do you receive the e-gift card once you have completed the health assessment? I completed my health assessment yesterday

  3. I have still not received my $50.00 e-gift card

  4. Laura Johnson says:

    I’ve completed my initial health risk assessment. How do i sign up for the biometric screening. I am employed through the State of Indiana in Allen Co.

  5. Thomas E. Ford says:

    I believe I completed my Risk Assessment, but I did not see where I could claim my $50 electronic gift card. Did I mess something up?

  6. Liz says:

    Would have been nice if all the data was available at Jan 1 to start (instead of Mid February and some site options still not up). Its like participating in a marathon that has already started but we’re still waiting to park our cars and register.

    1. Patricia Leap says:

      How do I sync my fitbit to this new site?

    2. Jennifer A McKinzie says:

      Totally agree! This was not implemented well.

  7. Jennifer A McKinzie says:

    Wondering why my fitbit activity is not sinking with your database. I hope I’m not losing this week toward the quarterly goal.

    1. Jennifer A McKinzie says:


    2. MC says:

      I synced my FitBit on the 4th and only the 4th automatically synced. I emailed active health earlier this week, they claimed an issue with trackers. Said to manually put in steps. They must have resolved problems, because 10th and 11th did sync automatically.

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