Walking Groups


Join SPD’s walking group today

Walking is one of the easiest actions you can take to improve your health. The State Personnel Department (SPD) is creating a walking club for the Indiana Government Center Campus to increase fitness and mobility at work. If you are interested in participating please click below to register.

Join the group on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at noon each week for 30 minutes of physical activity. The group will meet in front of Abe Lincoln on Robert Orr Plaza. It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes. If you have any questions you may contact us at  INVESTINYOURHEALTH@spd.in.gov.

Participation in this walking group is totally voluntary and occurs during non-paid time. Wellness walking activities are not a condition of employment and are not covered by Workers’ Compensation. Fellow participants/leaders are not health care professionals and are not responsible for your safety. Participate at your own risk.

About the program

The Indiana Government Campus walking program offers three levels of participation, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced; that walk at three different speeds. Average walking paces/speeds for each group are listed below. All groups walk for approximately thirty minutes.

Beginner:  Approximately 2.5 miles per hour. On average, this group walks about 1.25 miles during their 30 minutes. This is a great place to start if you are new to walking. Get yourself started in the Beginner group, and progress as you are able to do so for a more challenging walk.

Intermediate:  Approximately 3.25 miles per hour. This is typically our largest walking group. On average, this group walks about 1.7 miles during their 30 minutes.

Advanced:  Approximately 3.75 miles per hour. On average, this group walks about 1.9 miles during their 30 minutes. Join this group as a step up from Intermediate, or for a nice challenge.

Within each group, there are participants that walk at a variety of speeds. Finding someone to walk with at a pace that is comfortable for you, should be no problem on most days. Regardless of which group you begin with, you are welcome to speed up or slow down as you wish. From Beginner to Advanced, and everywhere in between, we have a pace for you.


Walking Group photos: