2023 Wellness Rewards Program

posted by Amber Brady on January 3, 2023 Wellness Rewards Program logo

In 2023, a new, simplified Wellness Rewards Program is replacing the option to earn a health insurance premium discount for 2024. You can now complete qualifying wellness activities to earn up to $500 in gift card rewards on a single plan—and $1,000 if you cover your spouse.

Instead of waiting for a discount that you don’t get until the following year, employees on the state’s health plan can now pick from a list of 25 different activities and start earning gift card rewards right away.

Those of you who earned the 2023 premium discount will keep your discounted rate this year and also have the opportunity to earn the maximum amount of gift card rewards.

Why the change?

Improving health outcomes for state employees is the number one goal of the State Employee Health Plan—and evidence-based medicine tells us that preventive care is the most effective way to do that.

Concerningly, coming out of the pandemic, only 37.6% of employees completed an annual physical in 2021, and many missed dental cleanings—both of which are critical to catching chronic and acute diseases early. These missed preventive care visits resulted in a high number of uncaught health conditions in 2022, and more employees are visiting the emergency room than ever before.

The goal moving forward is that 100% of employees on the state’s health plan complete a free annual physical with a primary care provider. That’s why the new program incentivizes free preventive care activities such as annual physicals, dental cleanings, and relevant health screenings at a much higher rate. Notably, among 25 other rewardable options, you will receive $200 in gift card rewards just for completing a free annual physical exam. In addition, the number of rewardable preventive care screenings have been expanded from two to eight. To see an overview of the available activities, visit www.investinyourhealthindiana.com/wellnessrewards.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about how the new program works and how to start earning gift cards right away, sign-up for, and attend one of the Maximize Your Program webinars and earn your first $15.

Check out the Rewards Center in the ActiveHealth portal to see all rewardable activities. As you complete each activity, the Active Health Rewards Program tracker will show how much you have earned. Once you’ve earned $50, you can redeem your first gift card reward. Gift cards are available in $50 increments up to the $500 maximum.

Processing claims with Anthem

When you use your state employee insurance to get a cancer screening, dental exam with cleaning, or vision exam, your provider files a claim with Anthem. Once Anthem processes that claim, Anthem lets ActiveHealth know what preventive care services you’ve completed. Your activity is automatically completed in the ActiveHealth Rewards Center. No paperwork or documentation on your part is required! You can expect to see your reward within four weeks of your completed service. Although uncommon, if you’ve waited more than four weeks from your preventive service and Anthem still hasn’t processed the claim, check out the ActiveHealth Rewards Center to see how you can provide documentation to get your reward.

Remember that only services received in 2023 count toward the 2023 Wellness Rewards. If it’s too soon for a screening, or if a screening is not right for you, check out the other reward options in the ActiveHealth Rewards Center. There are lots of options to earn your $500 in rewards.

For employees that are on the state employee medical insurance, but have other vision and dental coverage, check out the ActiveHealth Rewards Center to see how to get credit for your dental and vision services paid by other insurance.