Maximize Your Program

The Maximize Your Program presentation is your chance to learn about the changes for the 2023 Rewards Program and why they are important. Attendees will earn $15 in rewards for attending either the webinar or an on-site presentation. It may take up to five days to show this activity as completed in Rewards Center.

Click the button below to view the full list of virtual webinars and to register. You must include your date of birth (MM-DD-YYYY) when registering in order to receive credit for attending the Maximize Your Program webinar. This information is required to match you in ActiveHealth’s system.

On-site Presentation Schedule

Registration is not required to attend an on-site presentation. On-site presentations are only available for employees working at the specific site.

Pendleton Correctional Facility Jan. 319 a.m.
Laporte & Rensselaer INDOT Feb. 19 a.m.
Indiana Government Center - AuditoriumFeb. 112 p.m.
Indiana Department of Health – Labs Feb. 79 a.m.
Delaware County DCS Feb. 89 a.m.
Indiana Women’s Prison Feb. 99 a.m.
Indiana Government Center - AuditoriumFeb. 93:30 p.m.

Wellness Rewards Program – Get Rewarded for What Matters

Complete wellness activities to earn up to $500 in gift card rewards. Log in to ActiveHealth to learn more and get