Kindness and Gratitude

posted by Amber Brady on November 3, 2023 Kindness and Gratitude - Optum EAP

November 13 is World Kindness Day. Research shows being kind boosts your mental and emotional health. It also shows kindness can be contagious. This month, learn tips and tools for spreading kindness.

View the tools and resources from Optum below.

Journaling for self-compassion: Follow along in this podcast to learn the art of journaling for self-compassion. Journaling practice can increase self-awareness, reduce stress, enhance cognitive functioning, boost memory, inspire creativity, and improve mental health. Play podcast

Journaling for self-compassion guide: Use this journaling guide alongside the journaling for self-compassion podcast to start or enrich your journaling journey. Download guide

Acts of kindness calendar: Daily suggestions on ways to be kind to yourself and others throughout the month. Download calendar

Building a culture of kindness: Strategies for promoting positive mental health and strong relationships. This session explores the critical role of kindness in building strong relationships and promoting positive mental health. This will include strategies and practical ways to demonstrate kindness on a daily basis, benefits of giving and helping others for our own mental wellbeing, and the importance of kindness as a key element of a healthy workplace. Read more

Practicing gratitude: Feel more positive by taking a moment to focus on things you’re grateful for. This soothing meditation will guide you through the process. Watch video

7 ways to make someone’s day: Kindness doesn’t have to cost a thing. Here are some free and easy ways to spread good vibes. Read article

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