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Anthem Programs

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Anthem has many programs available to help you navigate the healthcare system, maintain your health, and manage health conditions. Visit or use the Sydney App to find everything you need to know about your Anthem benefits.

Total Health, Total You

Anthem’s Total Health, Total You program gives you access to a team of clinicians to help you navigate any healthcare need. This team is here to help explain treatment options, understand your care plan, connect with local resources, and guide you toward healthy lifestyle changes. Call (877) 814-9709 to connect with this program. Learn how to earn $50 in rewards by participating in the Total Health, Total You program. 


Anthem’s ConditionCare program connects you with specially trained nurses, nurse care managers, pharmacists, dietitians, doctors, and other health care professionals to help you manage conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and more. For more details or to join ConditionCare call 866-962-0963.

Building Healthy Families

Anthem’s Building Healthy Families program is an expansion of the Future Mom’s program. Every family grows in their own way, but it’s not always as easy as some make it look! Take advantage of the experts available to you and ensure you will have the support you need no matter what journey life takes you on. Learn how to earn $45 in rewards by participating in the Building Healthy Families program. 

Where to Get Care

If you think you’re experiencing a life-threatening emergency or your health is in serious jeopardy, you should always call 911 or go to the emergency room (ER) immediately. However, if you need nonemergency care quickly, but your primary care doctor isn’t available, it’s important to know you have options besides the ER. 

Now more than ever, people are turning to virtual care (also known as telehealth or telemedicine) from experienced doctors on their phones, tablets, and computers. It’s a convenient, affordable choice when you want help right away with urgent issues. 

LiveHealth Online Virtual Care

With LiveHealth Online, you now have on-demand, quick and easy access to board-certified doctors with a video visit using your smartphone, tablet or computer, or through the Sydney Health app.  


Review the attached flyers to understand cost of care by type of setting and get medical advice 24/7 from the Anthem Nurseline. The registered nurses can help you with your baby’s fever, give you allergy relief tips and advise you where to go for care. Add 800-337-4770 to your contacts today! 


DispatchHealth brings comfortable medical care to your home. For every house call, DispatchHealth sends a physician assistant or nurse practitioner along with a medical technician. An on-call physician is also available at all times via phone. Most insurance is accepted. Please contact DispatchHealth for more information about your specific plan. Visit or call 317.680.2663. Only available for metro-Indy area.