Preventive Care

freeimage-2399847-webGetting regular checkups and exams can help you stay well and catch problems early. It may even save your life.

Anthem health plans and policies cover 100% of the services listed on this preventive care flyer. When you get these services from doctors in your plan’s network, you don’t have to pay anything out of your own pocket. You may have to pay part of the costs if you use a doctor outside the network.

Preventive versus diagnostic care

What’s the difference? Preventive care helps protect you from getting sick. Diagnostic care is used to find the cause of existing illnesses. For example, say your doctor suggests you have a colonoscopy because of your age. That’s preventive care. On the other hand, say your doctor suggests a colonoscopy to see what’s causing your symptoms. That’s diagnostic care and you may need to pay part of the cost.

Download Anthem’s Preventive Care Flyer