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Welcome to Invest In Your Health!

The Invest In Your Health program is sponsored by the Indiana State Personnel Department (INSPD). The tools and programs promoted through Invest In Your Health have been approved by INSPD as a trusted resource to support your well-being. Through Invest In Your Health you have access to programs and resources to help make lifestyle changes to prevent disease and improve your health and wellness.

Invest In Your Health Blog

Stress and Anxiety

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Simplifying your life and resetting expectations can help ease stress and anxiety. This month, we look at stress-relieving ways to streamline your to-dos, think more positively and calm your mind. View the tools and resources from Optum below. Reducing stress – 5 steps to streamline your to-dos: Use this worksheet for help reviewing and prioritizing … Read More »

Team Challenge begins Nov. 27 – Sign up today!

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Team up with your coworkers and track your activity to win! Give your all in the two-week statewide Team Challenge! Team up with coworkers and get moving from November 27 to December 11. Help your team beat the competition by working toward daily goals of 10,000 steps AND 15 active minutes. The team with the highest percent … Read More »

Kindness and Gratitude

Kindness and Gratitude - Optum EAP

November 13 is World Kindness Day. Research shows being kind boosts your mental and emotional health. It also shows kindness can be contagious. This month, learn tips and tools for spreading kindness. View the tools and resources from Optum below. Journaling for self-compassion: Follow along in this podcast to learn the art of journaling for … Read More »

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