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Welcome to Invest In Your Health!

The Invest In Your Health program is sponsored by the Indiana State Personnel Department (INSPD). The tools and programs promoted through Invest In Your Health have been approved by INSPD as a trusted resource to support your well-being. Through Invest In Your Health you have access to programs and resources to help make lifestyle changes to prevent disease and improve your health and wellness.

Invest In Your Health Blog

Anxiety and Panic

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This month, we share resources, tips and tools for understanding what may be driving your anxious thoughts and feelings — and how to manage them. View the tools and resources from Optum below. Anxiety and panic: Triggers and tools: In this months’ podcast Laura and John explore the need for leaders to develop their internal … Read More »

Take part in the Challenge Bonus

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Agency vs. Agency Health Coaching Competition Start making healthy changes while working to win the next Challenge Bonus! This bonus opportunity is an agency vs. agency Health Coaching Competition and the agency with the highest participation in health coaching wins. All you have to do is complete one individual or group health coaching session through … Read More »

July 8-12 is Health & Wellness Week

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Health & Wellness Week is a time to focus on your personal health, set goals, make changes to improve your overall wellness and connect with the resources available through the Invest in Your Health program that can help you achieve your goals. Your health — whether physical, mental, or emotional—affects you, the people who care about … Read More »

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